Property owners and renters alike, we all share in the responsibility for the quality of life in our neighbourhood. Good neighbours demonstrate a commitment to making their local community a safe, settled and peaceful place in which to live. With that end in view, as a provider of affordable housing, homeEd seeks to foster successful integration of its properties into the surrounding neighbourhood, and to support harmonious living environments for our tenants.

At homeEd, we are committed to ensuring:

  • Our properties are maintained in such a manner that they provide safe and appropriate housing for tenants, and are well received by, and assimilated into, the surrounding neighbourhoods.
  • Curb appeal and exterior upkeep enhances the neighbourhood in areas including, but not limited to, yard and building maintenance, garbage disposal and parking.
  • Signage is appropriate and nothing exterior to the building creates a detrimental distraction for the property.
  • We work in partnership with agencies such as the City of Edmonton Police Service and a variety of social agencies to maintain a safe and peaceful living environment for our tenants.
  • We are renting to a diversity of tenants on our properties.
  • Residential Tenancy Agreements, which clearly outline both the landlord's obligations and the tenant's responsibilities, are developed and maintained. Items such as parking, noise, yard maintenance and waste disposal are clearly addressed with our tenants.
  • All of our properties are certified as participating in the City of Edmonton's Crime Free Program, all tenants are required to sign a Residential Tenancy Addendum Agreement outlining their commitment to participate.
  • Resident Managers maintain a presence throughout the property so as to promote an environment of responsible and caring management.
  • homeEd staff take care to respect neighbours' rights to peace and enjoyment of their own property.
  • When practical to do so, homeEd staff meet and discuss any issue of mutual concern with local residents. These connections have proven to be of great assistance in minding the property and reporting incidents of concern.