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Your home is your foundation—a place of comfort and community from which you can grow. That’s why, since 1977, we’ve been providing quality, affordable homes for Edmontonians as a stepping stone to a brighter future.

Edmonton lives here

We believe every Edmontonian deserves a home where they can build a life and grow. As your partner in that journey, we work to increase affordable housing options and strengthen communities across Edmonton.

With over 1,000 rental units throughout the city, our pricing ranges from 30% below market prices up to market rent levels. From apartments and townhouses to condo rentals, we’re here to help as many Edmontonians as possible find an affordable place to call home.

Everyday, we develop, operate, and advocate for high-quality and budget-friendly rentals for tenants looking for a better home and brighter future. Everyday, we improve quality of life in Edmonton.


Reimagining Affordable Housing

As a provider of quality affordable rentals, HomeEd is home to a diverse group of individuals and families with varied income levels.

All of our properties have different maximum and minimum rent levels which are defined by three different forms of rental housing: 

Mixed Market Housing

Mixed Market Housing has a mixture of tenants that pay a market rental rate, with others who pay a percentage less than market. A tenant’s eligibility for rent subsidization below the market rate is based on an assessment of their household income.

In this way, HomeEd offers an entry point for families on a tight budget into our market-quality homes. It also allows tenants to stay in the home they love as their income grows and can afford market rents.

Community Housing

Community Housing properties receive government funding to ensure rental rates are subsidized well below market rates. Eligibility for community housing is subject to a maximum income level to ensure lower rent levels are preserved for those who truly need it. 

Each building has a maximum and minimum rent rate for each unit type. An income verification process determines a qualified tenant’s rent level.

Condominium Rentals

Condominium Rentals are units owned and rented out by HomeEd within a condominium building. Rent levels are set based on current market conditions, but are at least 10% less than the market rate in the area.

For more information on eligibility and rental rates, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.


HomeEd strives to be a caring and inclusive housing provider. Nothing makes us more proud than hearing about the positive impact we have in the lives of our tenants.


“This is a very welcoming, friendly community. I am glad to call this home for my son and I.”


“HomeEd is a phenomenal rental company that has improved our lives significantly. We have a very clean, safe, affordable place that is close to downtown which is where we choose to live. It’s hard to find a deal like that.”


“We are so grateful to HomeEd for giving us the opportunity to grow and be healthy in affordable housing.”


“I truly loved living in our HomeEd building, and am proud to call it our first home. HomeEd truly tries to set families up for success, and to support those who need it; my partner and I were fortunate enough to be able to use HomeEd in a time of need and are now back on our feet and are able to purchase a home after only a few years.”


“The best rental and the best landlord I have ever had in Edmonton. I now have a home for my son and I that is better than we could have afforded without HomeEd.”


“My kids grew up here and will leave the nest from here, I see myself growing old here with my wife and enjoying our grandchildren. HomeEd you are beautiful.”


Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about being a HomeEd tenant, check out our frequently asked questions.


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