HomeEd Case Study – Accelerating Renovations and Enhancing Well-Being

“Our core purpose is to build for belonging” says Nick Lilley,
Chief Executive Officer, HomeEd. “That means delivering quality
affordable homes while fostering a sense of belonging for
those we serve in the community. To do this we need to
be responsible stewards of our properties, while striving to
enhance inclusion and quality of life within the neighborhoods
we operate in.”

HomeEd received a $4.1-million grant through the Province’s
Municipal Stimulus Program to do necessary upgrades on 16 of
its properties in different areas of the city. The work had to be
done by December 30, 2021—a challenge given that it wouldn’t
start until August, meaning the project had five months for
completion. This was made even more time sensitive since
a major portion of this project was exterior, and had to be
completed before winter set in. And interior improvements
would also have to be done while the homes were inhabited
by tenants.

In August of 2020, Chandos Construction was chosen to
partner with HomeEd on this major rehabilitation program.

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