“We’re reimagining affordable housing” with Net Zero townhomes in Griesbach

HomeEd to develop affordable, accessible and environmentally sustainable townhomes in Griesbach

Edmonton, Alberta – HomeEd, the City of Edmonton Non-Profit Housing Corporation, is initiating a transformational townhome project in the Village at Griesbach that is expected to be a showpiece of inclusive and sustainable housing development in Edmonton.

The project is moving forward with federal government funding assistance through the Federal Lands Initiative (FLI), which supports the transfer of surplus federal lands to be used as affordable housing.

HomeEd’s proposed project involves the development of approximately 85 three-bedroom townhouses. The mixed-income project will target NetZero status, demonstrating a strong commitment to quality and environmental sustainability. With no less than 50% affordable units, 20% accessible units, and on-site community services, the project also emphasizes inclusive community development.

"The investment made today by our Federal partners will go a long way to making this project a hallmark of inclusive, sustainable development in Edmonton. We are excited to provide more affordable and accessible housing to Edmontonians in an environmentally responsible way. We’re reimagining affordable housing with this project."

   – Nick Lilley, Executive Director, HomeEd

“I’m excited to see HomeEd’s partnership with the Federal government in Griesbach for affordable housing. This is exactly the kind of investment we need in the community and Edmonton as a whole.”

   - Erin Rutherford, City Councillor, Ward Anirniq

The development is part of a broader growth plan that should see HomeEd grow its portfolio of rental housing in Edmonton by at least 500 units by 2025, with rents ranging from 30% less than market up to market rates. 

“HomeEd’s mission is to provide Edmontonians with access to quality, affordable housing. This development is a huge step forward along our growth journey, while demonstrating environmental, social & governance (ESG) leadership in our activities.”

   - Dave Rumbold, Board Chair, HomeEd

Design work is already underway on the project with the goal to have this development built and serving Edmontonians within three years.

About HomeEd

Since 1977 HomeEd has been providing affordable rental housing to Edmontonians. As a non-profit corporation owned by the City of Edmonton, HomeEd strives to provide safe, quality accommodations for individuals and families with varied income levels. With a portfolio of over 1100 apartment and townhome units spread across our city, we are here to help Edmontonians find a better home and brighter future in a community they love and can afford. To learn more, visit www.myhomeed.ca and check out our 2021 Annual Report to the Community.