Purpose & Strategy

Grounded in values and powered by purpose, we are committed to growing our impact in the community. Our ambitious strategic plan shows our path, while our annual reports show our results.

Strengthening our foundations while growing to new heights.

HomeEd is grounded in a commitment to quality and care for our residents. But we know Edmontonians need more from us and we are ready to rise to the challenge. We can grow affordable housing across this City. We can make our properties more sustainable. We can strengthen communities and our sector. For thousands of Edmontonians, better housing can’t wait. HomeEd will strive to answer their call.


Provide Edmontonians with quality, affordable housing.


Better housing can’t wait.


Reimagining affordable housing as sustainable, growing and valued throughout Edmonton.




We follow through on our commitments, acting honestly and ethically at all times.


We embrace challenges and change, trying new things and learning from them in our pursuit of progress.


We provide a welcoming environment, where diversity is valued and people are treated respectfully and equitably.


We take care of our resources, prudently managing our costs, quality, health, safety & environmental impact.


We engage with tenants and stakeholders, building relationships and working to enhance the quality of life where we operate.


Sharing our impact and learnings.

Since 2021, we’ve compiled a thorough report on our results and reflections for the year to share with our stakeholders. While our impact continues to grow, we are unrelenting in our pursuit of progress and improvement. Please see the following reports to learn more:

2021 Annual Report to the Community

2022 Annual Report to the Community