key directionsMISSION

To provide Edmontonians with access to quality, affordable housing.


homeEd develops, operates and advocates for quality, affordable housing that serves as a stepping stone to a secure future for tenants.


  1. homeEd operates as a key player in the Edmonton affordable housing market, with a focus on serving working Edmontonians, people on fixed incomes, and their families.
  2. homeEd is known for its high quality tenancy services and commitment to meeting housing and non-housing needs of tenants in a way that respects their dignity.
  3. homeEd is committed to making a growing impact by expanding the affordable housing choices available to tenants and advocating for innovative, collaborative solutions to support our growing community.


1. Non-profit and affordable housing acquisition and development to provide new housing options for working Edmontonians, people on fixed incomes, and their families.

2. High quality property management services to manage and maintain units owned by homeEd and its partners.

3. Partnerships with real estate developers, community organizations and the City to support the growth of quality, affordable housing.

4. Advocacy for the housing needs of all Edmontonians, through municipal, provincial and federal forums.



homeEd provides safe, appropriate and quality housing for all persons in need, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or socio-cultural background.

Good Partners

homeEd strives to grow and strengthen partnerships in the local community to further the mission of providing affordable housing to in-need Edmontonians.

For the Good of Tenants and Community

homeEd determines and implements policies, procedures and developments that positively affect tenants, support the safety and security of both tenants and the surrounding communities, and contribute to the ‘quality of life’ in Edmonton neighbourhoods.

Financial Stewardship

homeEd strives to be good stewards of all resources,including being a prudent financial manager to deliver services throughout all of homeEd’s program areas.


homeEd tenants, staff and neighbours are treated with kindness, compassion and respect.