Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

The safest buildings are those in which people know their neighbours, participate in social activities and work together for the good of their community. With that end in view, many of homeEd's residential properties are certified under the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program initiative of the Edmonton Police Department. This Program involves tenants, the Edmonton Police Service and homeEd working together to keep illegal activity away from rental properties. Tenants play a huge part in the success of this program as you are the eyes and ears on site. The result of this team effort is a safer, more habitable environment in which to live.

Tenants, who move into Crime Free designated properties, sign an Agreement Addendum which identifies that:

The tenant(s), any member of the tenant's household, and any persons affiliated with the tenant or invited onto the residential premises, common areas or property of which they form a part by the tenant(s) or any member of the tenant's household shall not engage in any criminal activity in the premises, common areas or property of which they form a part including, but not limited to:

  • any drug-related criminal activity;
  • solicitation (sex-trade workers and related nuisance activity);
  • street gang activity;
  • assault(s) or threatened assault(s);
  • unlawful use of a firearm; or
  • the tenant will not in any significant manner interfere with the rights of either the landlord or other tenants, perform illegal acts, or carry on an illegal trade, business or occupation, endanger persons or property of which they form a part.

A single violation of the provisions of this Addendum is a substantial breach of your Residential Tenancy Agreement (Lease) and may result in immediate Notice of Termination of Tenancy.