Ogilvie Ridge Development

Learn more about HomeEd’s proposed development in the Ogilvie Ridge neighbourhood.


In early 2022, the City of Edmonton issued a competitive property listing for the sale of a 2.0 acre land parcel at 915 Ogilvie Boulevard. This listing was part of the City of Edmonton Building Housing Choices program, which encourages the development of surplus school lands.  Through this process HomeEd’s proposal was selected and City Council agreed to sell the site to HomeEd on October 3, 2022.

Project Outcomes

HomeEd’s proposal for the Ogilvie Ridge Development will pursue the following project outcomes:



As a mixed market housing site, the Ogilvie Ridge Development is intended to include some tenants and families that pay a market rental rate, and others who pay a percentage less than market.

Half of up to 100 homes in the Ogilvie Ridge Development are intended to be rented at below the average market rent in Edmonton to tenants and families with a qualifying household income.


Homes in the Ogilvie Ridge Development will be designed to a NetZero energy standard.  This means that annually these homes will generate as much energy as they use.

The development will also be designed for durability and resilience, with design features and products that are built to last.


One fifth of the homes in the Ogilvie Ridge Development are intended to be accessible.

These homes are specifically designed to accommodate mobility aids, such as wheelchairs, and can be adapted to meet a variety of accessibility needs.

Rezoning Approval

We are excited to announce that on December 11, 2023, the City Council approved the rezoning of the Ogilvie Ridge Surplus School Site. This decision is a significant milestone in our Building Housing Choices program.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who was actively engaged in this process and for providing valuable feedback. Your involvement has been crucial in guiding the decision-making process.

This approval not only is a significant milestone for our project and reflects the dedication and hard work of our teams, but also exemplifies the strength and effectiveness of our community’s cooperative efforts.

Stay tuned for further updates on this project and its impact on our community.

Community Engagement

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Community Engagement Sessions on November 23, 2022 (in-person), November 24, 2022 (online) and January 17, 2023 (in-person) and October 5, 2023. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in an interactive, hands-on design exercise to explore how the site can be developed to meet the project goals. The adjacent picture is an example of one of the community-generated site concepts from the November 23 session.

The following information from past presentations is available here:

HomeEd is looking forward to being part of the Ogilvie Ridge community!


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