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Ready to apply for an available rental unit? Follow these simple steps and you could be home in no time. If you need a hand, our supportive team is only a phone call away.

How to Apply

  1. View our list of properties and choose an available property in your preferred location.
  2. Contact us at 780-474-5706 to confirm unit availability and your eligibility.
  3. Schedule a time with our Leasing Specialist to attend a viewing of your potential new home.
  4. If you would like to proceed with renting the property, submit your application package to our Leasing Specialist. 

Applicants will be notified within two business days once your complete application has been processed. Your deposit will be returned to you if your application is declined, but please know that without it, we cannot process the application (or hold on to your new home for you).

Reference Information

Our team is committed to educating you about our leasing process and the documentation we require. While your Leasing Specialist will walk you through this in detail, the following sample documents outline what to expect: 

Application Package:

We have created an Application Checklist to help you organize this information.

Lease Agreement

If your application is approved, you will enter into a Residential Tenancy Agreement (ie. lease). A sample is included below, along with other agreements you may need to enter based on your eligibility or property.

Rest assured that if you have questions, our team is here to help! Please contact us at 780-474-5706.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to any questions you may have about HomeEd’s available properties, rent rate approach and application process.

Does HomeEd provide emergency housing?

HomeEd does not provide emergency housing. If you are experiencing a housing emergency, please contact these local Emergency Accommodation providers, or call 211.

How is tenant eligibility determined?

HomeEd is committed to preserving a safe and welcoming community through a thorough application process. A tenant’s eligibility is based on an assessment of their:

  • references from past landlords
  • income level
  • credit history
  • criminal history
  • unit size suitability for household

Does HomeEd allow pets?

Pets are allowed in apartment and townhome units provided their owner receives prior approval from HomeEd and complies with the terms of our lease agreement and Resident Handbook related to pets.

Tenants with service dogs or Emotional Support Animals may apply for an accommodation request across all forms of housing. 

Please see section 4 of our Resident Handbook for information on Pet Requirements and limitations.

What is HomeEd’s rent policy?

All rents are of good value compared to other similar rentals, while tenants with greater need can receive lower rents. 

HomeEd is a non-profit organization that strives to provide Edmontonians with access to quality affordable housing. We try to keep rents as low as we can while ensuring our buildings and organization remain financially sustainable.

HomeEd evaluates its rents against the rates that comparable properties are charging, and our rents will, at most, be in line with these rates. HomeEd also takes into account household size and income when determining whether tenants are eligible to receive lower rent through our Rent Subsidy Program. Rent subsidies are almost always determined as a percentage less than the market rate. 

The vast majority of HomeEd tenants are, and will continue to receive below market rates through HomeEd’s Rent Subsidy Program.

How are rental rates determined?

We keep all rents in line with the marketplace, while reducing rent for eligible tenants through our Rent Subsidy Program. 

Our rental prices are determined through regular price comparisons with similar properties in the area to ensure our rents are competitive and offer good value to all residents. 

Furthermore, we have a Rent Subsidy Program in place where we provide below-market rents to eligible tenants. Eligibility for our Rent Subsidy Program is based on our assessment of your household size and annual income at the time of application for new tenants, or at lease renewal for existing tenants.

HomeEd typically utilizes the City of Edmonton’s annual income threshold by household size (as outlined in the table below) for determining eligibility for the Rent Subsidy Program.

Household Size Maximum Annual Income 2023
One Person $47,600
Two People $67,500
Three – Six People $73,500

Why and how does HomeEd assess my annual household income?

We require evidence of income to determine your eligibility to rent our units at an appropriate rent rate.

HomeEd requires that all incomes (from all household members) be declared upon application and/or renewal. Income is a determining factor in whether you can rent a specific unit and for how much. 

Gross Annual Income is identified on line 150 on the tenant’s previous year’s Notice of Assessment from the Canadian Revenue Agency. A copy of this form for all household members is required to be submitted. 

If a household member’s Notice of Assessment is not available, or their income status has recently changed, they must declare and verify their income by providing a copy of all applicable documentation outlined in HomeEd’s Application Checklist

Please note that submitting false information to attain assistance under the Non-Profit Housing Corporation is a punishable act under Section 320 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

How much lower is my rent if I qualify for the Rent Subsidy Program?

Subsidized units are typically 20% less than the citywide average market rates.

HomeEd tries to keep rents below market rates for as many people as possible. To do this, we generally keep our Subsidized Rental Rates at 20% below City-wide average market rates. We also have some properties where we receive additional government support to subsidize rents even further for those who are of greater need.

Our leasing specialist will work with you at the time of your application or renewal to determine your eligibility and applicable Subsidized Rental Rate at each property.

I am interested in a vacant unit but I’m being told it is ineligible for the Rent Subsidy Program. Why can’t I have this unit at the Subsidized rate?

We have a fixed number of Subsidized rental units at each property. 

We have determined the number of units in a property that we can afford to offer at Subsidized Rental Rates under the Rent Subsidy Program. The remaining units in a building are available to interested tenants at the established Market Rental Rate. 

Any unit that becomes available will have already been determined as a Subsidized Rental or Market Rental. The advertisement will identify this alongside the applicable rent rate and eligibility requirements.

I have other questions that are not addressed in this FAQ

Connect with a leasing specialist. 

Please contact a leasing specialist directly to answer any further questions you may have. You can inquire through phone at 780-474-5706 or email at

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