Systems Issues

Systems Issues
Housing For All: Sustaining and Renewing Social Housing for Low-Income Households

The end of federal funding for social housing as current operating
agreements expire threatens the security and affordability of housing
for many low-income individuals and families in Canada. Provincial and
territorial governments alone do not have the fiscal capacity to ensure the
continuing affordability, safety and quality of social housing into the future.
CHRA proposes a new and transformed partnership with the federal
government – Housing For All – to ensure that the social housing assets
built with public funds continue to provide affordable, well-maintained
and quality housing for low-income households.
A second objective is to use the opportunity created by the end of
current operating agreements to rethink how social housing can be best
delivered, leveraging the expertise of social housing providers.

A Guide to Developing an Inclusionary Housing Program

Inclusionary housing policies seek to create a permanent stock of affordable housing located in new housing developments. The guide looks at the overarching policy considerations; identifies the principles and practices that should be addressed through regulation; and identifies two hurdles that currently limit the use of inclusionary practices in Canada.

Is It Possible to Measure the Value of Social Housing?

We know that households that are better housed tend to have greater stability, improved health and educational outcomes, greater labor force participation and so on, but we do not see systematic evaluations of the economic costs or benefits to households or economies. We are still guided more by intuition than evidence. This report concludes that, although the resources for mounting the development of a common set of indicators are significant, they are very small relative to spending on social housing, and the “pay-back” is vital to both understanding the organization and operation of social housing in Canada as well as policy development and programming itself.