Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to any questions you may have about being a HomeEd tenant.

How do I contact HomeEd?

You can call one phone number for all of your requests and questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For whatever you need, call us at (780) 474-5706.

A customer service representative is standing by to field or direct your call to the right person on our team. You can also email or visit to learn more.

Where is the closest HomeEd office to me?

Community Offices

We have established regional site offices to make it easier for you to pick up or drop off information as necessary. Currently, our offices are open by appointment only. Please click here to view a list of properties that each Community Office serves. 

Office Locations:

Corporate Office

11604 145 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5M 1V8

South & Central Community Office

750 Lakewood Road North NW, Edmonton, Alberta T6K 3Z8

North Community Office

375 Hooper Crescent NW Edmonton, Alberta T5A 4L9

West Community Office

18413 97a Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta T5T 3L6



Does HomeEd provide emergency housing?

HomeEd does not provide emergency housing. If you are experiencing a housing emergency, please contact these local Emergency Accommodation providers, or call 211.

How is tenant eligibility determined?

HomeEd is committed to preserving a safe and welcoming community through a thorough application process. A tenant’s eligibility is based on an assessment of their:

  • references from past landlords
  • income level
  • credit history
  • criminal history
  • unit size suitability for household

How much does it cost to live at HomeEd?

Rental rates are impacted by market conditions and vary by building location and unit type.  Currently, rents can be as low as $472 per month for select bachelor suites, but range as high as $1395 per month for certain three bedroom townhomes. Current rent rates for available units are posted here.

Rent rates for available units are advertised as a range, as your exact rent within that range will be based on your household income. Our income verification process helps us to ensure your unit remains as affordable for you as possible.

How does HomeEd set its rental rates?

As a non-profit organization, we strive to keep our rental rates as affordable as possible while ensuring our buildings and organization remain financially sustainable.

HomeEd has three categories of rental properties, each with a slightly different approach:

  1. Mixed Market Housing 
  2. Community Housing 
  3. Condominium Rentals

Notwithstanding the category, our leasing specialist will work with you at the time of your application or renewal to determine your applicable rent rate.

Mixed Market Housing

Mixed Market Housing has a mixture of tenants paying market rent and less than market rent. The market rental rate is the maximum rate for the property, while the minimum rate is 30% less than the market rate. This is the rent range that is advertised for an available unit.

A rent reduction below the market rental rate is dependent on a tenant’s household income. During the application and renewal process, HomeEd assesses whether a tenant’s monthly household income qualifies them for a rental rate adjustment. Typically, where 30% of monthly income is:

  • between the max and minimum rent level, rent is targeted at 30% of monthly income;
  • less than or equal to the minimum rate, the tenant will typically pay the minimum rent rate;
  • more than or equal to the max rate, the tenant would typically pay the max rate.

In Mixed Market Housing, the overall balance of rents across the property at any given time is actively managed at 10% below the market rent level. As such, exceptions do occur to the approach above. Renewing tenants may see changes in their rent up to +/- 9% in a year, as we strive to maintain an affordable rate for everyone in these buildings.

Community Housing 

Community Housing properties receive government funding to ensure rental rates are subsidized well below market rates. Eligibility for community housing is subject to a maximum income level to ensure lower rent levels are preserved for those who truly need it. 

A Maximum Rental Rate is set for each unit, with a Minimum Rate set at 15% less than the Maximum. This is the rent range that is advertised for an available unit.

During the application and renewal process HomeEd assesses whether your household will qualify for the maximum or minimum rent based on your combined household income.

Condominium Rental

Condominium Rentals are units owned and rented out by HomeEd within a condominium building. Rent levels are set based on current market conditions, but at a minimum are priced 10% less than the market rate in the area.

How is my household income determined?

HomeEd requires that all income be declared on application or renewal from all household members residing in the unit. Gross Income to be declared is that which is identified on line 150 on the tenant’s previous year’s Notice of Assessment from the Canadian Revenue Agency. A copy of this form for all household members is required to be submitted. 

Where a household member’s Notice of Assessment is not available or a household member’s income status has significantly changed since the date of their most recent Notice of Assessment, an acceptable alternative would be to declare and verify all other taxable income by providing a copy of all applicable documentation outlined on HomeEd’s Application Checklist.

Please note that submitting false information to attain assistance under Non-Profit Housing is a punishable act under Section 320 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

What will happen to my rent rate at my next lease renewal?

Household income verification is a required part of the lease renewal process for any category of housing with HomeEd. Tenants who do not provide household income verification will be subject to the maximum rental rate for Mixed Market Housing and may not be ineligible for residency in Community Housing. 

With the introduction of Mixed Market Housing, any required rent changes will be gradual with changes limited to no more than +/- 9% in a year. Our leasing specialist will work with you at the time of your renewal to determine your rental rate.

Does HomeEd allow pets?

Pets are presently not allowed in apartment or condominium units. HomeEd allows pets in townhome units, provided their owner receives prior approval from HomeEd and complies with the terms of our lease agreement and Resident Handbook related to pets.

Tenants with service dogs or Emotional Support Animals in any may apply for an accommodation request across all forms of housing. 

Please see section 4 of our Resident Handbook for information on Pet Requirements and limitations.

Where can I find additional supports regarding Financial or Social Services Resources?

Please view our Supports Are Available list for a catalogue of potential resources outside of HomeEd that may be able to help you in your situation.

How do I share any concerns I have?

You can call our phone line anytime at 780-474-5706 to report a concern or email it to

A manager will review your concern and respond back to you as soon as possible and will escalate to our executive team as necessary.


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