Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to any questions you may have about being a HomeEd tenant.

How do I contact HomeEd?

You can call one phone number for all of your requests and questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For whatever you need, call us at (780) 474-5706.

A customer service representative is standing by to field or direct your call to the right person on our team. You can also email or visit to learn more.

Where is the closest HomeEd office to me?

Community Offices

Our property management team operate in site offices around Edmonton to make it easier for you to pick up or drop off information as necessary. Please click here to view a list of properties that each Community Office serves. 

North Community Office

375 Hooper Crescent NW Edmonton, Alberta T5A 4L9

West & Central Community Office

18413 97a Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta T5T 3L6

South & East Community Office

11808 Abbottsfield Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T5W 4W3

Administrative Office

We also have a centrally-located corporate office where our administrative staff are always working hard for the future of affordable housing throughout Edmonton.

Corporate Office

11604 145 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5M 1V8

Does HomeEd provide emergency housing?

HomeEd does not provide emergency housing. If you are experiencing a housing emergency, please contact these local Emergency Accommodation providers, or call 211.

How is tenant eligibility determined?

HomeEd is committed to preserving a safe and welcoming community through a thorough application process. A tenant’s eligibility is based on an assessment of their:

  • references from past landlords
  • income level
  • credit history
  • criminal history
  • unit size suitability for household

Does HomeEd allow pets?

Pets are allowed in apartment and townhome units provided their owner receives prior approval from HomeEd and complies with the terms of our lease agreement and Resident Handbook related to pets.

Tenants with service dogs or Emotional Support Animals may apply for an accommodation request across all forms of housing. 

Please see section 4 of our Resident Handbook for information on Pet Requirements and limitations.

Where can I find additional supports regarding Financial or Social Services Resources?

Please view our Supports Are Available list for a catalogue of potential resources outside of HomeEd that may be able to help you in your situation.

How do I share any concerns I have?

You can call our phone line anytime at 780-474-5706 to report a concern or email it to

A manager will review your concern and respond back to you as soon as possible and will escalate to our executive team as necessary.


I am an existing tenant. Will my rent go up or down at the time of my lease renewal, and by how much?

Any change will be once a year and based on your income.

Household income verification is a required part of the lease renewal process. This allows us to determine your eligibility to live in your unit and receive the applicable Subsidized Rental Rate under the Rent Subsidy Program. 

Those who qualify for the Rent Subsidy Program and whose rent is currently more than the Subsidized Rental Rate should see their rent decrease down to this level at renewal. 

Tenants who do not qualify for the Rent Subsidy Program may see a change to the established market rent rate for their applicable unit. 

Our leasing specialist will work with you at the time of your renewal to determine your eligibility and applicable rental rate.

I am an existing tenant. In what scenarios may I not be eligible for renewal?

Renewing tenants will be required to submit proof of income, household size, and tenant insurance to be eligible for renewal. Some buildings are limited to those who qualify for our Rent Subsidy Program. 

Tenants on fixed term leases must renew their leases prior to the expiration date to continue living in their unit. To be eligible for renewal, tenants need to submit updated proof of household income, size, and tenant insurance, and have an account in good standing.

Tenants in 100% subsidized properties (i.e. York Street Apartments, Fraser Townhomes, Berkley Arms Apartments, Lexington Manor, Ivy Manor, Brightstar Apartments and Anderson Avenue West Apartments) must have a household income underneath the specified income cap to be eligible for renewal.


I have other questions that are not addressed in this FAQ.

Connect with your leasing specialist. 

Please contact your leasing specialist directly to answer any further questions you may have. You can inquire through phone at 780-474-5706 or email at

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