Maintaining Your Unit

Our tenants take pride in their home, and maintenance and upkeep is a shared responsibility.

Maintenance Expectations

HomeEd maintains the building, grounds, and common areas, while the tenant’s responsibility is to keep their home clean, safe, and in a reasonable state of repair. Any damage caused to the unit will result in the tenant being responsible for the repair costs.

Depending on the type of unit which is being rented, additional maintenance expectations for tenants include the following areas.


Repairs to the Rental Premises


  • You are expected to keep your balcony clean, neat and attractive. Only patio furniture and bicycles may be stored on the balcony.
  • Clotheslines are not permitted on the balcony.
  • Boxes or other belongings may not be stored on the balcony.
  • Electric barbeques are allowed on HomeEd balconies. Charcoal barbeques are not permitted.
  • Sweep up crumbs and food particles from your balcony to avoid attracting insects and rodents.
  • Don’t dispose of debris or water over the edge of your balcony.
  • Don’t put carpet on the balcony as wet carpets can damage the underlying structure.
  • Supervise young children whenever they are on the balcony.

Basements and Storage Areas

  • Townhomes have basements or crawl spaces. These spaces must not be used as sleeping areas as this would be a violation of municipal fire regulations.
  • Do not store any dangerous substances or flammables in your unit.
  • All belongings must be a minimum of 3 feet (0.91 meters) away from the furnace and hot water tank.


  • You can reduce condensation by turning on the bathroom fan while you are showering or bathing, and by keeping the fan running until the condensation has evaporated.
  • Do not permit children to throw toys or other small objects into toilets or sinks. Tenants will be charged for any costs associated with plumbing repairs.

Control of Pests

  • HomeEd is committed to providing a pest free environment for tenants. To be successful requires the cooperation of both HomeEd and the tenant.
  • Unfortunately, despite everyone’s best efforts, cockroaches, mice, bedbugs, and other pests can sometimes get into buildings.
  • Bedbugs have become a problem throughout Edmonton and many other cities. Controlling them depends on fast and thorough action.
  • If you detect an infestation in your unit, immediately report this to your Administrative Assistant to ensure that pest control action is taken as soon as possible. If treatment is needed, follow instructions exactly. Otherwise, the treatment will not work.
  • Do not bring old/used mattresses, clothing, or other items into the building or your unit as they could be infested without your knowledge. Similarly, infested furniture or mattresses need to be properly disposed of. Please contact your Portfolio Manager for further information.
  • Keep in mind that you are required to cooperate with HomeEd staff when preparing your unit for any type of pest-control treatment. Failure to prepare your unit and/or failure to keep your unit reasonably clean is a violation of the Residential Tenancy Agreement (Lease) and may result in additional charges or termination of your tenancy.

Household Garbage & Recycling

  • You will need to dispose of garbage in a proper manner. Garbage is to be put in plastic garbage bags, tied, and placed in the garbage bins provided. Please do not leave the bags on the ground beside the garbage bins.
  • Do not allow small children to take the garbage out if they cannot place the bags in the garbage receptacles.
  • Lids on garbage bins must be kept closed at all times according to Municipal bylaws.
  • Garbage may not be left on the balcony, outside your door, on the patio, in your yard, or in your parking stall.
  • Furniture, electronics, mattresses, appliances or other large items may not be left by or in the garbage bins. Tenants must arrange for removal of these items at their own expense. If you leave these items in the garbage enclosure, HomeEd will haul them away and you will be billed for the hauling and disposal fees. Please contact your Portfolio Manager if you require assistance with disposing of these large items.
  • Recycling bins are provided at many of our properties.
  • You are responsible for disposing of hazardous materials in an approved manner. This includes needles, paint, solvents and batteries. For further information, please refer to the City of Edmonton Waste Management website.


  • Every unit has a fridge and stove. Townhomes also have a washer and dryer. These work best if you clean them regularly. If you damage your appliances, you will have to pay for the repairs or replacement costs.
  • Your refrigerator will need to be cleaned and defrosted regularly to keep it in good working condition and to save energy. Frost free refrigerators must be defrosted at least once a year. Do not use knives or sharp objects to remove a buildup of ice. Also, do not put kettles or pots filled with boiling water in the freezer to melt the ice as the heat could melt plastic parts.
  • Use oven-cleaning products for your oven.
  • Use a mild soapy solution to clean the smooth surfaces of appliances.
  • Please do not use abrasive cleaning products as they will damage the surfaces of your appliances.

Smoke Detectors

  • Your unit is equipped with smoke detectors. It is your responsibility to ensure that smoke detectors are functioning properly at all times. Studies have proven that smoke detectors save lives and prevent loss of property.
  • Check smoke detectors each month. If your smoke detector is not working properly, and is battery operated, replace the battery and check to make sure that it is working properly. If the smoke detector still does not work, report it to the Administrative Assistant. If the smoke detector in your unit is hard wired, please test it to make sure it is working and, if it is not, report it to the Administrative Assistant.
  • You may not remove the smoke detectors or otherwise interfere with the smoke detector’s operation. You are responsible for the replacement of any smoke detectors which you or your guests damage or disconnect.

Utility Room

  • Your unit will have a stand alone furnace.
  • You are required to replace the furnace filters when needed but, in any event, at least every three months. Monthly replacement is recommended during the winter months. When replacing filters, clean around the furnace area and wipe down the furnace for dust and lint.
  • The furnace power switch is located on a nearby wall or on the ceiling above the furnace. You should be aware of its location and ensure that it is not shut off. If it is turned off, the furnace will not work.
  • Tenants will be charged the full cost of the service call and repairs by a plumber for any tenant-related damages or neglect.
  • Never sweep garbage or dust into the floor registers. Do not allow children to throw toys or other objects down the registers. Tenants will be charged for any costs associated with clearing ductwork of these items.
  • If you live in a townhome, the gas account is in your name so keep the 24-hour emergency number handy for your gas provider. The utility provider will normally come to your home if you have a furnace problem outside of normal office hours. Also, please notify HomeEd if you are experiencing a problem with your furnace.
    • ATCO Gas 24-hour Emergency Services: 780-420-5585
    • If you smell gas, leave immediately and call the ATCO emergency number OR 9-1-1.

Windows & Screens

  • Windows must be kept closed when it is raining and when it is cold. Tenants will be responsible for the cost of repairs if there is rain or water damage, or if the plumbing pipes freeze.
  • You may remove screens to clean them. Screens are to be put back immediately after cleaning.
  • You are responsible for the replacement of any glass with like kind and quality which may be broken, cracked or damaged in any manner.


  • If your unit has a private yard, you are not permitted to remove existing plants or grass. Plants may be added provided that you do not disturb existing shrubs.
  • You are expected to keep the premises in a reasonably clean and tidy condition at all times. All personal belongings, including children’s toys, are to be kept either in your unit or within your enclosed back yard.
  • No items such as hanging plants or decorative materials may be attached to the exterior walls or fencing without prior approval from the Portfolio Manager.
  • No standing water is permitted on site (bird baths, pools, ponds) without prior approval from the Portfolio Manager.
  • Should you have an outside water tap in your backyard, please remove the hoses before winter freeze-up and close the valve that is inside your unit. Your Portfolio Manager can show you where the shut-off valve is located.

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