At homeEd, the quality of our team members is one of our trademarks. Each of our staff is a member of a hand-picked group of people who are dedicated to providing high quality services for our tenants and the Edmonton community. 

Whether working as a Resident Manager, in our Maintenance Department, in Property Management or in our support departments, each staff member has a commitment to, and a direct influence on, the quality of services which our tenants enjoy. As is true with every team effort, each member’s individual contribution is vital to the quality of our team’s final outcome. At homeEd, our staff truly do make a difference!

We offer a unique and rewarding work environment, competitive salary and the opportunity for both personal and professional growth. To find out more about our available positions, or to apply on a competition, please look over our Employment Opportunities.

At homeEd, our hope is that you not only enjoy working here, but that you will find it to be a rewarding and fulfilling experience--both professionally and personally. You have an important contribution to make in helping us accomplish the goals of homeEd.

We are more than an affordable housing community—we’re an attitude.

Welcome aboard!